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Every Business needs Good Customer Service


Customer Service is a key to success

Customer service is one of those things that is talked about daily in any business whether you are selling ice cream cones or multimillion dollar products, customer service is key. The customer Hires you, they can fire you, and they pay you. So it is important that we handle our customers with care.

If we handle our customers with care we stand a better chance of growing the business than if we handled our customers with terrible care. People like to buy things from people and places that give them the best service. One great example of great customer service would be Chick-fil-a they have their whole company built around customers, and the customers needs and wants. They are all so nice and willing to serve you, and if you say “Thank You” they will always reply with “My Pleasure.” Its a southern based company out of Georgia so I guess they have just brought the southern hospitality into the franchise model and executed it amazingly across the country. I am a Chick-fil-a customer because of their great food and their great service and clean facilities.

On the other hand if you handle customers poorly you are likely to never see them again, and probably never see their friends or family ever again as well. One unhappy customer can take a lot of your current customers away because of word of mouth and online reviews in todays world. I had a bad experience with customer service at a restaurant once in Heber, Utah. It was so bad I was blown away that they were still in business (It went out of business a couple months after we ate there). But if it was still in business I would never go back there ever again even if I was starving, the service was that bad.
Now if you are reading this blog I would like to extend an invitation to everyone. Take a moment to type in the comments companies you’ve had good customer service experiences with and also your experiences of bad customer service.

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