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Are Print Ads Dead?

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I’ve been studying social media ads for awhile, I found it interesting and something that could help me grow my many businesses. So I took courses, I listened to podcasts, I asked questions, and the list goes on for how I gained my knowledge. But I found that if I can create a well executed ad I can outperform any print ad any day of the week.

Print ads are expensive and by raise of hands how many of you get a flyer in the mail or coupon, where does it go? Thats right, straight into the trash! So why are we still marketing like its 1995, WAKE UP PEOPLE the world is changing!!! Now disclaimer I believe their are certain types of mailers that can work with precise execution, but social media and online is the way of the future.

So to give you an example this week I ran a Facebook ad for my window cleaning company. I spent $100 and that has already returned $400 back, thats just with the deals that are closed we have about 4 more leads we are planning to close in a day or two. So you can see if I’m putting a dollar into advertising, then I’m getting $4 back thats a great rate of return on my investment, PLUS its so easy to track Facebook ads.

To be brutally honest I don’t even think our ad was perfect I just think it was normal but with how you can target specific ages, genders, interests, social media is a no brainer. So if you are thinking of spending $1000 on marketing for a print ad, think different and do it yourself or find someone to put the money into social media ads and you will be pleasantly surprised with the results if you take the time to do it right!

Keep your finger on the pulse as John Lee Dumas likes to say you never know when that next big thing will be, and if you are ready it could mean huge returns for you.

This article is not perfect I’m just a regular guy with imperfect English, but if you see an error message me I’ll fix it.


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