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Entrepreneurs are Problem Solvers

Entrepreneurs are problem solvers, if you aren’t a problem solver than you are not an entrepreneur. You have to be willing to think on your feet and solve what ever comes your way, entrepreneurship is a roller coaster so be ready for lows and be ready for highs.

Let me tell you a story of this last week. This week was the last week of August in 2017 it was my sister in laws wedding. The wedding was in my in laws backyard, so we worked all year to prepare it for this one day. We trimmed trees, planted flowers, and groomed the property the best we could. But there was one problem, they wanted to create a  canopy of lights over the entire backyard, no one could think of how this would be done, but I had a vision of how to create it, because I’m a problem solver!

At the beginning of the year I envisioned how I would create this beautiful canopy over the yard, but I couldn’t create until right before the wedding. Everyone kept asking me how are you going to create this? How is this going to work? I said I have it all in my head, they would then ask me to explain and draw it on a piece of paper. So I would but everyone still doubted how I would create the canopy. I didn’t know all of the exact details, like what materials I would use to attach everything, or how it would plug in, but I knew I was a problem solver so I would make it happen NO MATTER WHAT!!!

I knew I would need about 8 strands of lights, a giant flag pole 25ft tall, and then I would figure the rest out. So I had a basic plan which you should have an entrepreneur but you should be ready to solve the problems as they come up.

Jump to 3 days before the wedding and it is now time to create this beautiful masterpiece. I had already placed the flagpole in the ground weeks before but now the hard part connecting 8 strands of lights over the whole yard. The work began I began working tirelessly like you do as an entrepreneur, I tried something it didn’t work so I tried it a different way. This whole process of connecting the lights and stringing them over the yard took me 3-4 hours, but let me tell you the end result was AMAZING. (Picture attached)

The point of this story is you don’t always know how you are going to get to your goals or business objectives, you just have to start. Take that first step you can do it problems will arise just be prepare to solve them!

Rise from the Ashes and Conquer the day!

Take the first step in faith. You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.Martin Luther King Jr.


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