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030-Low Valley’s to Huge Mountain Peaks

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Bruce retired about four years ago and began spending more and more days hunting whitetails. He quickly realized that while traveling cross county to the Midwest from his home in Colorado he had hours of windshield time to get Whitetail smart. How the heck was he going to connect to audio information?

Answer, podcasts off my smart phone. Quickly he realized that while there were some good whitetail focused podcasts out there he just was not getting the info he wanted. Returning from last fall’s hunts he spent time listening to many different podcast forums and gained a lot of knowledge about podcasts.

He sure had a lot to learn about the how, what, why and when of producing value based content on a consistent basis for those with a passion for Whitetails. He knew that if he wanted to great focused information, useful strategies, new techniques and ideas on how it’s done right so would thousands of others.

The work really began when my good friend, Bob Roark said he was interested in the project and wanted to help bring it to life. Phew, was he glad about that for hundreds of reasons. He helped him develop the foundation of Whitetail Rendezvous.

From an idea the project morphed into a passion to a build whitetail community that shares “great stuff” with guys & gals just like you.

Bruce’s career spanned over 30 successful years of sales and sales management. There was a brief but exciting foray into the world or should I say dot bomb industry for a few years but when that ended abruptly. Along the way he completed a MBA degree.

He have sat on a couple of conservation and nonprofit boards; RMBS,  Colorado Chapter ,  Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, Springs Rescue Mission. Most recently he was elected as a state delegate to Colorado Parks and Wildlife Sportsman’s Roundtable .

His Colorado outdoor experiences have enabled him to be a contributor to as a Colorado profile Insider contributor as well as having two hunting articles published. Lasts December, one of my articles appeared in Mountain Hunter, the magazine of Guide and Outfitter Association of British Columbia.

Never one to say he was done creating new projects, the birth of Whitetail Rendezvous was enabling him to share common interest, hear some amazing people tell their story, bring together a community of listeners with common passions yet dissimilar backgrounds all because we love Whitetail’s and the forests, woodlots, prairies and creek bottoms they call home.

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